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Downtown Indianapolis Updates

Nov 8, 2020 - We have learned from several news sources that IMPD officers have been alerted in regards to the Dreasjon Reed grand jury potentially releasing its findings as early as Monday, Nov. 9th.  We will be keeping close contact with IMPD and update you as the need arises.  As always, if something seems out of place, alert the authorities by calling 911. 

If you have vandalism, you are encouraged to call (317) 327-3811.  IMPD will assign you a case number for your insurance claim purposes.  

Do you have graffiti?  Contact Corey Litten or Amanda Hunt of Sherwin Williams.  This product will take it off:  Sherwin Williams TSW

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BOMA International has created a document "Civil Unrest and the 2020 Election Season Preparedness Guide".  This guide is handy for any type of potential unrest.

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    • To identify and disseminate information benefiting the real estate community on emergency preparedness, building security, and related issues.
    • To provide guidance for responding to building operation issues.
    • To communicate a constructive, positive image of real estate as a place to do business. To act as a quick response group if events dictate.

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