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NEW DATE - 4th Annual Indy Parks Cleanup

  • June 02, 2022
  • 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • 2345 Pagoda Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46203


  • Monetary donation for this event only. Logo will not appear on t-shirts. Name will announced at event.



BOMA Indiana Philanthropic Day Benefiting Garfield Park

Breakfast & Lunch Included!

Garfield Park is in need of volunteers and material donations! 

Park is spread out, so we will break out into smaller project groups after the initial meet up and overview. Projects include: 

  • Litter pick up and light weeding around high traffic areas, including near shelters and playgrounds  
  • Scrape and repaint approximately 48 picnic tables in different shelter areas
  • Replace boards on two benches and repaint 8 benches
  • Spread top dressing of mulch in playground areas
  • Paint playground shelter poles
  • Paint doors and window covers in Pagoda Shelter
  • Replace 5 plexiglass shelter signs 

Donations Needed!

  • Playground Mulch - Estimate 60 Cubic Yards Total
  • Pressure Treated 2x4 Boards for Benches
  • Plexiglass for Reservation Signs
  • Trash Bags (we have some)
  • Gloves (we have some)
  • Rakes/Hand Tools/Wheelbarrows/Pitch Forks for Mulch
  • 2 or 3 gallons of Exterior Beige paint
  • 16 or so large paint brushes 
  • 12 sanding blocks 
  • 12 qty of 9” size roller covers 
  • 8 qty 4” size roller covers
  • 6 tray liners to fit inside paint trays I have
  • Plus est 6 more sturdy paint trays / liners 
  • Estimate 30 cubic yards mulch for each of the two playgrounds / 60 cu yards total.
  • Hand wipes

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