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Here’s What You’ll Need to Share Your Story for 2019

Each year, BOMA International offers the most accurate and comprehensive benchmarking resources for the office and industrial sectors—the Office EER and the Industrial EER. But in order for BOMA to provide these critical resources to the commercial real estate industry once again, we need you to share your data with the 2019 EER surveys, opening next week.

Not only is your participation in these annual surveys essential to ensuring BOMA continues to capture the best and most accurate benchmarking information in the industry for its forthcoming 2018 reports, but it also unlocks a number of valuable benefits that will improve your building’s performance.  The intuitive and interactive online submission form allows most respondents to finish in about 30 minutes.  Collecting the documents listed below now will ensure you’re ready when the surveys launch:

  • 2018 year-end financial statements (unaudited figures are acceptable);
  • Utility bills (e.g. electric, gas, water), if applicable;
  • Your building lease, which should stipulate the method of floor measurement used for the property;
  • Your Chart of Accounts; and
  • BOMA’s Chart of Accounts, which is referenced throughout each survey and available on the Resources Page at eer.boma.org. Be sure to reference the Industrial Chart of Accounts if submitting data to the Industrial EER survey.

Sharing your data will turn your story into a competitive advantage.  When you complete a survey, you will:


Receive a free Expense Performance Comparison report, which assesses how your office building and/or industrial property compares to its market peers;


Gain priority access to the 2018 Office EER and/or 2018 Industrial EER when they are released in the summer—and receive deep discounts on your subscriptions; and


Fulfill a prerequisite for applying for, maintaining or renewing your building’s BOMA 360 designation.

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